A Non-Traditional Perspective

on Traditional Problems


Spirituality, Mental Health, Relationships and other topics that ordinarily challenge our daily lives do not always have conventional resolutions.  Sometimes standards just don’t work.  From facing the death of a loved one, to living with chronic pain, or many other issues you can discover suggestions here not likely found elsewhere.

for the Mind

 the Physical Realm

Blog, Letters, Poems & MORE!

Taunta Beanie is now posting her blog on her FaceBook page.  Usually posted by 9 A. M. you can find her thoughts on current events on Mondays, intimate matters on Wednesdays, and creative writings on Fridays.  Click here to also find original memes, updates on events, and to interact with her and other fans. 

for the Spirit

T. B. Taylor


The Church of Understanding

This is a set of ideas that allow people of different faiths to join together with a common goal: to celebrate the Individuality of us all, and to acknowledge the Something Greater that is beyond our human ability to understand in full.  No matter one’s religion, all are welcome to participate in the Spiritual nature of this metaphorical gathering.  Click here for more! 

Photos, Cards & Gifts

All photos found on this website are available for print.  They can be turned into greeting cards with or without pendent necklaces or just necklaces.  Greeting cards can be blank of customized by request.  For pricing information or to discuss your specific needs, please e-mail us.  Click here to see Taunta Beanie's photo gallery.