In my poetry I welcome you beyond the serenity that I show most of the world. Here I welcome you to the deepest secrets of my heart. In sharing them with you, I hope that you too can find the strength to struggle through your own Convulsive Pathos.  Click here to be directed to pages dedicated to my poetry.

Elk Point is a fictional horror story that takes place in a small Appalachian town on the edge of the Smoky Mountains.  Revelations of personalities unfold as the residuals of previous residents impact current tenants in an apartment building.  Click here for more. 

Taunta Beanie's

Imagination Station

Creativity feeds the soul by allowing us to explore thoughts and emotions in a safe environment.  Through poetry and fiction Taunta Beanie takes readers on adventures of the heart and mind.  You never know what to expect when the train stops at this station!  Click the links below to start your journey.

Circlehallow is a fictional horror story written as a counselor’s journal.  This version is based on real experiences as related by several residents of a small Midwestern town.  You can decided where the embellishments end and the truth begins….  Click here to start you journey. 

A Heavenly Christmas combines sacred and secular with a twist of spice and a dash of love.  Not your typical Christmas romance, this light-hearted cerebral tale is designed to make you think as well as entertain.  Explore this version of Heaven by clicking here.