Taunta Beanie's

Psychological Bazaar

On these pages you will find several books, a few of which are still in progress, about many events in life that require more than a moment’s consideration. In these we examine how to process what others consider faults or disabilities, and try to understand the process of living not only with these attributes, but the stigmas that come with them. Here you will find perspectives about the struggles of everyday life and the peculiar difficulties Taunta Beanie faces, such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, Social Anxiety, Depression/Bi-Polar Disorder and other types of emotional distress, as well as the situational issues that most people have to process at some time such as the death of a loved one or other problems people bring to Taunta Beanie.  As families are combined in a multitude of ways, we also explore how to make such transitions as easy as possible, and learn how to work through the conflicts caused by different personalities in close proximity.

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